Field trip to Rayong for Intenational Peace Mediators, 1st of December 2011

ImageOn the 1st of December, pre-summit activities were proposed to the participants, including an ombudsmen workshop, organized by the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) and a field trip to Rayong Province to follow-up on a mediation project initiated by KPI in the case of an environmental dispute.


'Walking towards the protection strip in the vicinity of IRPC factories'


Rayong's case:   Petrochemical industry versus villagers

In Rayong province, a conflict between villagers and factory owners broke out a few years ago because of the social, environmental and health impact of industrial activities in the area. The King Prajadhipok's Institute led a mediation process in the area involving all stakeholders including representatives of the industry, the local community and the State. An agreement was reached and a protection strip was built between industrial and residential zones, along with many other measures aimed at building a sustainable and peaceful community in Rayong. Above all, members of the community learned to engage in public dialogue for community problem-solving.

The field trip to Rayong offered participants of the Asia-Pacific Mediation Summit a unique opportunity of meeting the various stakeholders, listening to their opinions as well as getting a first-hand experience of a typical community/environmental conflict solved through dialogue/ deliberation in Thailand.


'Our Community's  development is based on sustainable development, cultural preservation

and income-generation following the 'sufficiency economy' principle.

Supported by IRPC and Thai Community Foundation'


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